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When parties separate it can be a disturbing period in a family's life, especially when children and money are involved. During this time, emotions can run high due to the complexity and emotions of the case, unresolved issues of the relationship between parents and their children. At Lanouette Law Offices, PLLC, Ronald J. Lanouette, Jr., is committed to working closely with all parties involved to ensure that a decision in the best interest of the child or children is made when it comes to your child support case or child custody case.

Family Court within the State of New York handles issues of visitation, custody and residency of children. These proceedings can be filed by Mothers, Fathers, Third Parties, Aunts and Uncles or Interested Third Parties all seeking the Family Court to do what is in the best interest of the children.

In addition, family court, through child support magistrates, also hears and decides most the cases involving child support for children in families outside of matrimonial and divorce actions. Family Court also hears cases filed by the Department of Social Services against Mothers, Fathers and Interested Parties under Article 10 of Social Services Law, neglect, emergency removals and abuse, otherwise known as neglect/abuse proceedings.

Lastly, Family Court also hears the civil equivalent of criminal cases against Mothers, Fathers, Family Members, and Interested Parties where one party is alleged to have civilly committed what would otherwise be criminal violations against the other party called Family Offense Proceedings. No one should appear in these actions without an attorney and at Lanouette Law Offices, PLLC, Ronald J. Lanouette, Jr., has experience handling these cases.

Child Support Law

In New York child support decisions are dependent on many factors. Some of these factors include:

• Gross monthly income of each parent
• Child care costs
• Health insurance costs
• Other child expenses such as extracurricular activities
• The amount of time each parent spends with a child
• Financial ability of each parent to pay for the financial support of a child
• Issues of parental alienation
• Age of the child and any special financial, emotional or health problems of the child
• Other factors as delineated by New York State Law

Child support is a very difficult matter and under New York State Law, called the Uniform Child Support Standards Act, there is a certain percentage of income a non custodial parents must pay to support the child. The above factors, as well as other factors delineated under the law, can be presented to the Court to help persuade the Court’s initial determination of presumed child support. If you are thinking of taking a parent to court for child support or if you are fighting a violation of child support or wish to modify your child support obligation, contact Lanouette Law Offices, PLLC, to sit down and get a free consultation to discuss these issues.

Child Visitation, Custody and Residency Law

A great deal of my practice involves issues of custody, residency and visitation rights of children and parties in Family Court. It can be the most emotional part of any parents’ or child’s life. The decision of whether or not a parent seeks to establish, modify or enforce the other parents’ custody, residency and visitation rights with children is a hard decision. The decision to hire us to help you is an easy decision.

Lanouette Law Offices, PLLC has represented Mothers, Fathers, Children, Grandparents, Relatives and Interested Third Parties in hundreds of family court proceedings in family court in Broome County and the surrounding counties of Tioga, Cortland, Chenango, Delaware and Otsego.

We understand both the legal issues and the emotional issues that parents and loved ones find themselves emerged in, in this most personal area of the law. When we meet with our clients, no matter who that client is, we listen to our clients needs and wishes, and then from our experience with being in the courtroom on an almost daily basis and negotiating with other attorneys and the court resolving these family court matters, we give you an opinion as to what may be in the best interest of the child. Thereafter, we come up with a plan of action, some of it legal, but some of it also is real world driven by the facts and the lives of our clients.

So much in family court has to do with the facts of the case, the relationship of the parents, the relationship of each parent with the child, the behavior of the child and the behavior of the parents. A lot of the representation in family court has less to do with the legal issues and more to do with the factual issues and we help our clients understand these factual issues and to guide them to change the facts of their case to best help and achieve their goals. We find that in family court we meet with our clients more often and counsel them more about their actions to help them resolve their case.

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