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In addition to the issues of visitation, custody, residency and child support in a matrimonial action judges also decide issues of equitable distribution or the division of the physical property of the married couple.

In divorce and matrimonial cases in the state of New York, property and assets are divided between the two parties. This doesn’t necessarily mean the property and assets you acquired during marriage together and should be distributed equally between you and your spouse in advance.

Under New York States Domestic Relations Law the Court has several criteria by which they determine how to divide the marital debts, assets and other personal items. Some criteria are the type and stability of the relationship, the length of the marriage, the income of each spouse during the time of the relationship and the ability of each spouse to provide for themselves after a divorce, as well as the financial decisions that were made by each party during the marriage as well as many other factors that you should speak with a lawyer about agreeing to distribution.

Most matrimonial matters are resolved by negotiation. We have negotiated and resolved many matrimonial actions to the benefit of our clients both with their short term and long term goals in mind. We specialize in counseling our clients on not only their short term goals but also pointing out to our clients some of the long term ramifications that they may not have been thinking about or even understood to be a possibility. This is the benefit of not only being represented by an attorney but by the attorneys at Lanouette Law Offices. Though the court has the final say in what will be divided, you will need legal counsel to help you through the process and make sure every piece of the puzzle is carefully considered and an experienced attorney.

At the Lanouette Law Offices, Ronald J. Lanouette, Jr., has experience working with husbands and wives, monied and unmonied spouses maximizing as well as minimizing the equitable distribution in divorce and matrimonial cases in Supreme Court in Broome County and the surrounding counties of Tioga, Chenango, Cortland, Otsego, Delaware as well as throughout the Southern Tier and Upstate New York. We can represent you in your divorce case and in the subsequent division of your property with your spouse and help you achieve a result fair to your.

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